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Hello guys I am Vaibhav and today I am going to talk about adding shadow in your image. Last time I discussed about Creating Surreal Howling Wolf Effect in Photoshop which is a recommended tutorial if you like fantasy manipulation in Photoshop. For this tutorial basically what I am going to do is creating a new layer and then I will some layer styles to the duplicated layer to achieve desired effect. I am going to use Layer Panel, Layer Styles etc.

My Final Photo


The photo I’ll be working with




With your image open, select the area that you want the shadow of. You can use any selection tool like magic wand, pen tool, lasso tool etc.


Vaibhav Sharan
Vaibhav Sharan
Hello guys I am Vaibhav Sharan and was born in 1992. I am pursuing electrical and electronics and also a self learnt Photoshop enthusiast. Check out my BRAND NEW website: LivingWealthily.
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